Meet the 36-year-old woman who believes she is an ELF – and says she was sent to Earth to act as a ‘spiritual teacher’ for humans

A woman from Illinois, USA, ha become an internet sensation after she declared she was an Elf sent to earth to assist humans spiritually. An Elf is a supernatural being often seen in fictional movies, having pointed ears, magical powers, and a erratic or unpredictable nature. That’s what Kimberel Eventide says she is. She has become very popular across the World for that declaration after it was widely published in the media.

Kimberel has identified as an elf since connecting with the elves in Lord of the Rings (Picture: Kimberel Eventide / MDWfeatures

Kimberel who has been a spiritual teacher for eight years to identifying as elven, first felt a connection with Tolkien’s characters after reading and watching the Lord of the Rings series.

The YouTuber from Illinois, USA, now lives like an elf – and even believes that her consciousness has not come from earth and that she has been put on this planet to help humans become elves themselves but says elf ears are optional.

Higher being: Kimberel Eventide, from Illinois, believes herself to be a High Elf

She now spends her time dressing like the High Elves from The Lord of the Rings, wearing velvet, silk or ornate nature-inspired clothing.

Kimberel has five pairs of elf cuffs and ears, but since her ears are naturally pointy, she doesn’t always wear them.

She calls herself a city-dwelling elf, but tries to connect with nature whenever she can and fills her home with plants.

Friends and family have been supportive of Kimberel’s journey, especially her husband, whom she describes as the Aragorn to her Arwen.

He doesn’t consider himself to be anything but human nor fully understands Kimberel’s beliefs, but supports her nonetheless.

The 36-year-old also identifies as a Pleiadian starseed, which is a person who had a past life on the open star cluster Pleiades before being born on Earth.

“I ultimately believe in oneness and that we are all from the prime source of the whole universe that is the universal mind, but I think what really describes me best on Earth now in this physical body is that I am a Pleiadian starseed,” she explained.

“I am also known as an Otherkin, a person who identifies with something else besides being just a human. As many of you can already tell, our perceptions of being human is changing and expanding to include different genders, identities, and now Otherkins,” she adds.

Atmosphere: She also surrounds her home with plants in order to stay as close to nature as she possibly can

She also offers online Skype sessions and creates YouTube videos to help people elevate their consciousness and get in touch with their High Elven personality.

After being called to the Pleiadian elves, Kimberel set up a Facebook group called The Elven-Light Path to inspire those who are interested in being more elven.

She also has a YouTube channel called High Elven Wisdom and Love that sheds light on how to apply elf behaviour to everyday life and how humans can use a higher sense of consciousness and healing to move forward in their lives.

“I was called to it. I have always resonated with the Elves of Lord of the Rings, ever since reading the books and watching the movies. I felt I belonged in Rivendell or Lothlorien and not with other humans at all,” said Kimberel.

“One of my spirit guides was a Pleiadian woman – who looked much like Galadriel in Lord of the Rings – and I received messages from my intuition to say it was time to bring the Elven personality into reality, more than cosplay and in fantasy.

For Kimberel, the most important misconception she wants to break is that people have to look like elves physically to connect with them and explore the realm.

She says that anyone from any background can have an elven soul.

‘If you love nature, animals, the faeries, and also are a strong warrior of higher consciousness, then you will always be an Elven soul or can transform yourself into an elf in the near future.’




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