Mexicans Attending Russia 2018 World Cup Bring Life-Size Cardboard Picture Of Friend Whose Wife Refused To Let Him Go

A group of Mexican fans are currently trending on social media for posting pictures of themselves in Russia with a life-size cutout of their friend, Javier, whose wife refused to give him permission to travel for the 2018 World Cup.

The friends insisted that they must be in Russia with their friend and went with a giant-sized photo of the man to the World cup venue. The picture shows their friend wearing a T-Shirt written “My Wife Didn’t Let Me Go.”

The story began four years ago in Brazil 2014 World Cup when five friends from Durango, Mexico agreed that they must be in Russia for the 2018 World Cup. They began saving for the trip and bought a bus they believed was strong enough to make the trip to Russia. But in April this year one of the friends, Javier, gave the others the bad news via facebook post that he wasn’t going to make the trip because his wife didn’t give him the permission to do so. The Facebook video has since gone viral.

The friends decided to travel to Russia by road because according to them, when they got to Brazil 2014 World they found that so many people came in cars. “In 2014, we saw that many people travelled to the World Cup by car, and that’s how we got the idea,” Fernando Osorio,, one of the five friends, told ABC Noticias. “We would do it in a bus designed by us specifically for this trip to Europe.”

The four friends took off from Durango in April and only made it to Moscow a couple of days ago, just in time for the first World Cup match.

These friends created a facebook page where they have been posting their activities in Russia with their “cardboard” friend.

The four friends set up a special Facebook page for their adventure, called “Ingue Su Matrushka” where they have been posting photos of themselves and the cutout of Javier in all sorts of hilarious circumstances. In one, he looks like he’s sleeping with a sombrero covering his face and a Jaggermeister bottle next to him, in another, he is posing with the Mexican friends, but in most photos he is partying with his friends and having fun, just like the real Javier would.

Both the real and cardboard Javier have become celebrities in the entire Mexico and Latino social media.


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