Most Expensive Phone In The World Costs N34 Billion

Don’t say what you have in mind yet. Just read the content of this piece to understand why this phone is not just ordinary at all.

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone

At $95.5 million (about N34,380,000,000 – thirty-four billion, three hundred and eighty million naira)), Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone is the priciest device ever created. The phone is made of 24-carat gold and with a gigantic diamond on the back as well as a platinum coating and hack protection. There is an 18 karat gold casing which looks pretty nice, then a huge diamond on the back. Falcon embedded a pink diamond and that alone was the leading cause for the huge price tag. There are cheaper versions of this phone, including one in platinum with a blue diamond, but it still costs $48.5 million. The phone belongs to Nita Ambani, the wife of successful Indian businessman Muskesh Ambani. One unique marketing strategy the makers of the SuperNova have in place is a payment plan for this phone which allows anyone who wants it to pay ‘with ease’.
So you see, this is no ordinary phone. Any call you make or receive via this phone must be unique.

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  1. Will like to make use of the phone someday.

  2. Omo person no fit thief this kind phone ohhh

  3. Umeugo Vivian Ifunanya

    Wow! I think I love dis phone alot o! Infact u are my future phone to use.. Lol!

  4. Nwabugwu sandra ijeoma

    This kind phone sef…they should use alone if someone should mistakenly steal it hmmmm so na so I go take die

  5. Even if they sell my 12 generations e no still reach to buy this phone…..

  6. Paul Vanessa chiamaka

    Please no one can actually use this phone in Nigeria…. lol
    What if it falls??

  7. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Lolz @ Nwafor Gift ……This kin phone wey onitsha boys go steal no no the value,sell am for rubbish price

  8. These kind phone is good oh

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