Police Arrest Man Smuggling Cocaine In Olive Oil

This might not be the kind of story you would like to hear, especially when it has to do with olive oil, one of the ointments used for holy activities.

Olive oil bottles (File photos for illustration)

Police in Lisbon airport, Portugal, have arrested a man smuggling cocaine in 24 bottles of olive oil. What you might think is that the cocaine was probably packaged in small wraps and thrown inside the bottles of olive oil. The smuggler must have figured that it would have been easy for police to discover the wrapped in the bottles. So he changed plans. What he did was to mix the olive oil and the cocaine so you won’t even notice any difference at all.

Police at Lisbon airport were already suspicious of one passenger before they discovered 24 bottles of extra virgin olive oil marked as Argentinian-made in his luggage.

“We had information that the man could be a trafficker, so he was stopped for checks, but the fact that he was coming to Portugal with a bunch of olive oil definitely reinforced our suspicions, which proved to be right,” a police official said.

What got police suspicious was that this man was taking 24 bottles of Olive oil into Portugal, one of the World’s leading producers of the oil. Police had initially received information that someone would be smuggling hard drugs through Lisbon airport but could’t find the person. When they saw the 24 bottles of olive oil, they wondered why someone will he taking olive oil to Portugal. That was when they arrested the man and discovered the olive oil was mixed with cocaine.

“We’ve had seizures of drugs hidden in bananas, pineapples, but this is unusual because it begs the question why,” the official told Reuters.

The amount of the drug suspended in the oil would be enough for 33,000 individual doses, he said. The man was arrested.

With reports from Reuters


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