See Book On History Of Ferrari That Costs N10 Million

You might wonder what kind of book might cost this much. Well, it’s a book on the history of Ferrari. The book might not buy you a new Ferrari but at $30,000, it is something that can only be described as a collector’s item.

It not just the book that costs that amount. There are pretty expensive accessories that come with it. The book includes a beautifully sculptured steel and chrome book stand, as well as an aluminum display case. Together, the two artistic pieces created by designer Marc Newson are supposed to emulate the legendary Ferrari 12-cylinder engine. Titled simply ‘Ferrari’, the book itself is described as a “massive tome” and includes loads of photographs from the Ferrari archive that tell the history of the luxury Italian brand.

The book is not even for everyone. It is among a total of 1,947 books which will be sold, out of which only 250 come with the $30,000 price tag. These items will only be offered to museums and veteran Ferrari collectors with an impressive history of owning the brand’s sports cars.  Can you beat the value of this book? Despite its expensive price you still have to be qualified to buy it. Wow!

The uniqueness of this book is truly amazing. Published by Taschen, the Ferrari book allegedly offers “unrestricted access to hundreds of photographs from the Ferrari Archives and from private collectors, to reveal the full story behind Ferrari’s protagonists, victories, past, and future. A project conceived in close collaboration with Ferrari, this massive tome is a veritable collector’s piece.”

This sounds like a book anyone would like to have. Buy that’s not gonna happen. Only the qualified would get it.


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