Shop Owner Serves Coffee With Charming Artwork On Drink

A South Korean shop owner is currently charming customers with his unique kind of coffee service, drawing artwork on the foamy cream on their drink.

Lee Kang Bin adopts a unique approach in making customers’ experience worthwhile.
He uses food coloring and small brushes, spoons and tools that look like mini ice picks to draw people, animals, Disney characters and landscapes on coffee.

Photo shows a portrait of Associated Press writer Ashley Thomas with her dog Sandra, designed atop a cup of cold java by Barista Lee Kang Bin at his coffee shop in Seoul, South Korea. (AP Photo/Dino Hazell)

Lee has recreated famous paintings such as the 1893 Edvard Munch masterpiece “The Scream.” This month the mocha master reproduced a couple’s Niagara Falls vacation photo atop a cup of cold java.

Lee creates the designs at the C. Through coffee shop in Seoul and calls them Creamart. He said the delicate process takes him about an hour per cup and customers have to order in advance.

Lee’s creativity has brought him fame across the world with pictures of his coffee artwork viral on the internet.

Via AP

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