Terrifying video: Raging bull tackles mountain cyclist in California

In case you missed this video, you just have to see a young boy survived what would have been a tragic end to an off-road race he was part of.

A rampaging bull has attacked and knocked over a mountain cyclist during an off-road race in California. The entire hair-raising incident was caught on camera.

Tony Inderbitzin was assaulted by a cow at the Bianchi Rock Cobbler event in Bakerfield, California. The video has gone viral on the internet.

Media reports have it that the world-famous mountain climb is a “ridiculously difficult” ride with over 128 kilometres of winding terrain and a variety of wild animals along the way.

In a video, another participant named Richard Pepper, a cyclist, can be seen making his way down the slope. As he went by, the rider managed to avoid being attacked by the bull.

Tony came within seconds of passing the bovine and was viciously attacked by it. Tony was knocked off his bike by the massive animal, which charged towards him. With its horns, the bull even threw Tony into the air.

According to Tony “I am extremely sore. I have never been this sore. Initially, after the attack, my neck was killing me. That was the focal point of the soreness. Now it’s the lower back.”

The Bianchi Rock Cobbler’s creator, Sam Ames, commented on the clip of Tony getting attacked by the bull, stating, “For the record, while we love our shenanigans at the event, this was not planned, we don’t condone riding at or near bulls. In nine years we have passed countless cows and bulls.”

He added, “All riders involved are safe, unharmed if you can believe it and [2] of the [3] finished the ride and toasted beers. Rider safety is a top priority, so while this is able to get some laughs, thankfully, we will review or modify our route as needed for next year.”

Though this incident happened in February, the video remains terrifying no matter the number of times you watch it.


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