Woman who thought her stomach pains were from needing to poop ended up leaving the hospital with a baby

Jo Bennett thought she was having period pains, only to be told she was actually in labor. TikTok/ jobennett407

She initially thought she needed a poo but the pain became too much so she visited the hospital and ended up having a baby.

Jo Bennett was surprised when she got to the hospital, only to be told that she was actually in labor.

She took to TikTok to share the story, writing: “Me – these stomach cramps aren’t normal, it can’t just be period pain!”

Her husband suggested: “Maybe you need a big poo.”

But when she was examined by a doctor, he told her: “You’re not on your period, you’re in labour.”

Jo’s video then showed a tiny baby in his bassinet, as well as enjoying some skin-to-skin with his dad.

“Surprise surprise,” Jo captioned her video.

“Life really does have some funny ways of making all your dreams come true!

“He is the miracle baby we never knew we needed.”

Women who give birth without knowing they were pregnant are told they had a “cryptic pregnancy”.

And people in the comments section were quick to share their own cryptic pregnancy tales.

“Had a cryptic pregnancy 7 years ago. She’s currently now sitting on the couch next to me explaining Minecraft in great detail,” one wrote.

“Happened to me, with me 2nd daughter, and she was born on my 1st daughters 1st bday,” another added.

“Omg midwife here!! How was your surprise? was it a cryptic pregnancy?” a third comment read.

To which Jo replied: “Crazy surprise. We had nothing & no plans for children.”


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