Viral Video! If You’re A Lady You Are Beautiful The Way You Were Born, Don’t Attempt This Madness!

Some ladies go to the extreme just to look attractive. Some even inject chemicals that will bring about hormonal changes that will enhance their behind and chests. Here’s a lady who uploaded a video of her body features looking too excess to be real.

This video is a warning to ladies contemplating on using injection to enhance their body features. You might regret it later in life. It won’t take long before anything fake manifests its negative sides.

It is suggested that the poor lady in this video must have used chemicals to enhance her behind but it backfired because they look fake. Watch the video yourself and see whether she will turn heads as she wants or just for the wrong reasons. Do you think this lady now looks more beautiful and attractive?

Video Source: Daily Post Kenya

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  1. Ladies in their quest to look sexy and beautiful, do a lot of unimaginable things, that lady in the video looks terrible abeg

  2. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Biko we are amazing just the way we are and it’s high time we stopped looking for things that will enhance & as well endanger our lives…

  3. Lol…..don’t know why ladies won’t appreciate themselves for once always going to the extreme……

  4. Alagbogu Chinazom

    Hahahaha…. My father use to tell me that there’s nothing a woman cannot do in order to enhance her beauty. I think girls/women should look at the men’s simplicity at times inasmuch no one is advising you not to look good but too much of everything is bad

  5. Emenike Sandra Chinelo

    Some people are not comfortable in their skin and I feel it’s ok to do whatever makes you Happy, As long as u are happy you ain’t got no worries , And what is worth doing is worth doing well

  6. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    What the hell!

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