Viral Video: Mother Elephant Saves Calf From Drowning In The River

A video has surfaced online showing how an elephant went the extra mile to show love to its calf by saving it from the jaws of death.

The video begins by showing an elephant herd crossing a river to go into the forest. A mother is left behind with her calf trying to navigate the fast-flowing water.

The baby elephant wobbles due to the flow of water and is carried away by the river. Without wasting any time, the mother elephant goes after the calf and catches it by her trunk.

Soon, both mother and her calf are seen exiting the river and moving towards the anxiously waiting herd.

The video has been shared by Indian Forest Officer Parween Kaswan. “Mother elephant saving calf from drowning is the best thing you watch today. Video was shot near Nagrakata in North Bengal. Via WA,” he says in the caption of the video.

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