Woman Defecates On Police Officer’s Face To Resist Arrest

A 26-year-old woman in Kentucky, USA has reportedly defecated on a police officer in an attempt to resist arrest, splashing waste on the officer’s face.


The woman was said to have bent down and directed her buttocks towards the officer’s face, releasing poo poo with speed, making it splash on the police officer’s body and face, when he barged into the bathroom where she was hiding to arrest her by force.

She was arrested and charged with assault after she “intentionally released her bowels in an upward motion” at a Madison County sheriff’s deputy who was attempting to arrest her last week Friday evening.

The woman identified as Amanda Rochelle Peters, of Livingston is currently in the Madison County Detention Center on identity theft, giving officers false information, resisting arrest and assault charges.
According to an arrest citation, a Madison County sheriff’s deputy was attempting to arrest Peters on an outstanding warrant from Rockcastle County.
When the deputy entered the Madison County home where Peters was located, she locked herself in the bathroom. The citation said Peters then prevented the deputy from arresting her by using physical force before defecating on him “causing said bodily waste to land on the face, arms and legs of this deputy,” the citation said.

(With reports from Kentucky.com)

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  1. funny but the woman has no manner at all

  2. funny but the woman has no manner at all

  3. This sounds funny lol… look at the strategy she used to resist herself from being arrested, sorry for the police man in charge of her arrest.

  4. Okere favour udochi

    This kind shit go carry weight

  5. Most fun self resistance to arrest I have ever heard of

  6. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    This is called self defense. For her mind now, she’s wise

  7. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    This is called self defense. For her mind, She’s wise

  8. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    Anybody would have done anything to resist arrest,but to poo,that one is spiritual

  9. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    It was an intelligent tactics by the woman to resist arrest

  10. Nwufo Vivian Chidimma

    Mmm this woman is good

  11. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Tomorrow another person will do it.

  12. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Tomorrow another person will do this

  13. This white people done mad finish

  14. Agina Gloria Ebele

    This woman get childish brain to have defecate just to avoid arrest

  15. See her face self…..she looks like the cows that chased the wowan who was fleeing from police

  16. so funny she most be an actress

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