Company sells dragonfly-shaped pendant that allegedly chases away mosqitoes

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This is one mosquito-repelling solution you have to try first before confirming or condemning it. A lot effective mosquito repellents contain chemicals the effects of which on the human body aren’t fully understood.

This time there seems to be a repellent that could be safer than others.

The dragonfly-shaped pendant sold by Japanese company Miki Locos Co. Ltd, on the other hand, promises a simple, chemical-free solution.

What this means is that it can safely be worn by children and the elderly, who can now engage in all kinds of outdoor activities without fear of mosquito bites.

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The unusual mosquito repellent is made primarily of PVC, is 100-mm-long and has a wingspan of 130 mm. It can be worn as a pendant around the neck, but it also comes with a clip that you can attach to hats, pant pockets, backpacks, or anywhere you think bugs are most likely to see it.

Photo: @kanaduya/Twitter

According to the manufacturer’s Rakuten listing, the dragonfly pendant is effective against a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, bees and stink bugs.

Photo: @kanaduya/Twitter

There are positive user reviews on this product already. According to Taiwanese news outlet Gamme, Twitter users who have tried the pendants have surprisingly positive things to say about it.

Well, you might have to try it too in order to confirm its efficacy.


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