Humans can breath through their butt – New study says

Scientists think you might be able to survive without breathing through your nose and mouth soon… (Image: Getty Images)

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to breath through your butt, reports Daily Star.

According to a new report in the journal Clinical and Translational Resource and Technology Insights, a group of scientists performed a series of experiments on pigs and mice, based on the slow metabolism of turtles.

The study involved scrubbing the intestines of the animals to thin out the mucosal lining thereby reducing the barrier to the blood stream.

They were then placed in a room lacking in oxygen.

It is believed that because turtles have such thing linings, they are able to breath through their butts – kind of – and are able to survive in the winter.

According to the report, which does not state where the team of scientists were from: “Control animals who were deprived of respiration and received no intestinal ventilation, died after about 11 minutes.

“Animals who received intestinal ventilation without the intestinal scrubbing survived almost twice as long, about 18 minutes, indicating that there was some oxygen uptake.

“Lastly, 75% of those animals who had been scrubbed and received pressurized oxygen into the rectum, survived for an hour, the total length of the experiment.

“This seemed to prove that mice and pigs are capable of intestinal respiration under the right conditions.”

From these findings, scientists now believe that other mammals such as humans could also survive by essential breathing through our a**eholes.

However, scientists are looking at less dangerous ways of achieving similar results, such as through oxygen-rich liquids such as perfluorocarbons.

No human tests have yet been carried out, and it is not clear whether there are any plans to do so as yet.

It is also not been made clear in what kind of situation this new-found skill could be useful for humans.

What this means is that this is still at the level of possibilities, not that there is strong confirmation yet by studies.


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