Jake Paul punches YouTuber so hard he poos in his pants after losing bet (Video)

A YouTuber reportedly pooped in his pants after he was brutally hit by a boxer who won him over a bet.

The YouTuber, Preston Lopez, was to receive a punch if he didn’t win the bet and what he got from Jake Paul was probably more than he bargained.

Jake Paul who has made a successful transition from YouTuber to boxer and promoter, still took some time out of his busy schedule to settle a bet by punching Lopez in the guts.

‘The Problem Child’ who is currently in Puerto Rico gearing up for his big bout with the youngest Fury fighter, dished out a bit of punishment to fellow online content creator Preston Lopez after he lost a bet on a college football game.

Lopez and Paul were wagering on the outcome of the National Championship game between TCU and the Georgia Bulldogs, with Lopez picking TCU.

That was a pretty dumb bet, because they got beat 65-7 in a one-sided affair.

Lopez realised he’d entered into ‘possibly one of the worst bets made’ because that meant he had to get punched by Paul.

You can’t deny that the guy is committed to the sport now, that’s for sure.

So, when he cracked one into the belly of Lopez, he caused his fellow YouTuber to s**t himself just a little bit.

He fell to the canvas, admitting: “Oh yeah, I pooped a little bit.”

“It feels a little wet,” came the reply.

After the bet was fulfilled, Lopez went to hug Paul, but – as you might imagine – he refused.

Pointing to the bathroom, he later admitted: “This kid is out of his mind, bro, but I respect it, he showed up and took it.”


The fight has twice been called off by Fury, who boasts a professional record of eight wins out of eight.

That’s clearly something Paul has thought about, as he released a statement that read: “The moment of truth has finally arrived.

“On Feb. 26, I will get in the ring with a ‘real boxer,’ an 8-0 fighter from a storied fighting family and show the world the truth about who Jake Paul, the boxer really is.”

At the minute, the bookies have Paul as a slight favourite over Fury, but that is almost certainly going to change as the fight comes nearer and more bets are placed.

One way or the other, someone’s reputation will be damaged on 26 February.



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