Dedicated OnlyFans model posts sexy snaps in hospital bed after emergency brain surgery

An excited OnlyFans model has posted nude photos from her bed after she was rushed into hospital for brain surgery.

Ruby May, 25, from Sydney, Australia, had been suffering from frequent spells of dizziness, followed by a sharp pressure headache that would last for around 10 seconds each time.

After visiting the doctors, she was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, a rare condition where a section of the skull is deformed and puts pressure on the spinal cord.

Ruby, who boasts some 420,000 followers on Instagram, was admitted for surgery on March 4 and had to spend five days in bed recovering from the procedure afterwards – but still managed to update her dedicated fans while in her hospital gown.

“I can never bring myself to stop working and I took nudes in the bed in my hospital gown the day after surgery,” said Ruby, who has made millions on OnlyFans..

“I think it’s funny because everyone thinks my life is so easy because of OnlyFans.

“Meanwhile, I’m having surgery – but luckily, it helped me pay for it.”

In total, the operation cost $20,000 (approx £11,200) at a private clinic, which Ruby chose to use as she wanted the best chance of a smooth process.

The model says she feels feels lucky to be alive and believes the headaches were a “sign from the universe”.

Upon diagnosis, Ruby was told that if she didn’t have the surgery, she would eventually become paralysed.

She added: “I wouldn’t have thought anything of it [the headaches] but I had two friends who had brain surgery within the same year.

“I also heard of someone who had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

“I’m so glad I [got checked out] because I went for an MRI, where they found out what I had.”

“[The surgery] was approximately three hours long and I was so nervous, because I’ve never had surgery or anaesthetic before.

“I had to have a catheter in for 24 hours and couldn’t lift my head properly for a while.

Ruby's OnlyFans earnings helped pay for her surgery

“It was really scary waking up in the ICU where I had to stay, as I was being checked on every hour to make sure I didn’t have any brain damage.

“I’ve been in a lot of pain but it’s all going to get better from here and I will hopefully not have any ongoing issues with it.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through, but I’m so grateful I have my job with the money and flexibility to get through it.

Ruby even shared photos when she was recovering from the operation

“[My fans] were mostly concerned and I feel like we are very close – they’re like my friends.

“They loved the nudes but they told me I needed to take a break from working.

“It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job.”

Ruby shared the story of her ordeal to Instagram, where she has received nearly 3,000 likes on the post.

“Hope you have a full and speedy recovery!!” one person commented.

Another person added: “Hope you are getting better fast,” followed by a praying emoji.

(Daily Star)


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