Man threatens to sue hotel after stranger ‘takes off clothes and gets into his bed’

A hotel guest has threatened legal action because he claims a complete stranger managed to get into his hotel room, get undressed, and climb into his bed.

It’s an absolutely horrifying thought, but Mason Sanders claims this is exactly what happened to him when he was staying at the four-star Hunton Park Hotel in Hertfordshire last month.

Sanders, who is from Hertfordshire himself, alleges that he was awakened from his slumber at about 3:50am on 17 March by someone moving in his room.

He’d assumed that it was his partner coming back from a late shift, but quickly realised that it was a stranger, who he claims was drunk and got into bed with him.

Mason says that he booted the man out of his room – though he was allegedly sick in the bathroom – before heading straight down to reception to kick off about it.

However, he has not been impressed with how the hotel has dealt with things, so is now considering further action.

Countrywide Hotels, who owns Hunton Park – a luxury hotel near to Watford – has not yet commented, though LADbible has reached out for a statement.

24-year-old store manager Mason said: “I reached out my arm thinking my partner was next to me.

“But instead it was some random drunk guy. The receptionist just handed a complete stranger the key to my room.

“I could have been killed – but the hotel are refusing to accept the severity of the situation.”

Mason had been staying in budget hotels near to his house during some renovation work, but decided to splash out and treat himself on this particular night, hence why he was staying at Hunton Park.

Hunton Park Hotel. Credit: Hunton Park Hotel/Countrywide Hotels

He’d paid £60 for his room, as well as dining in the hotel restaurant the night before, heading off to bed at around 11pm.

Then, at 3:50am, the person stumbled into his room, with Mason believing it was his partner.

He explained: “Coming to the hotel I was expecting good things. It had four stars and I was looking forward to a luxury stay.

“But I was given the fright of my life when I rolled over in the night to find a drunk man sprawled across my bed.

“When I put my arm out, I initially thought it was my partner who’d said he may be joining me after work.

“But I quickly noticed that wasn’t the case.

“I started shouting at this random person, and he shot up and ran to the bathroom and was sick everywhere.

“He then picked up his clothes and ran down the hallway, still in his underwear, and sprinted past the reception desk and out the door.”

He complained that same night, returning the following morning to talk with the management.

They offered him his room for free, as well as wiping his bar tab from the night before.

But, Mason doesn’t believe this is sufficient and is now considering suing the hotel company.

“Where is the safeguarding or security measures in place to protect guests?” Mason asked.

“Men can be just as vulnerable as women in scenarios like these, but Countrywide Hotels are refusing to take my complaint seriously.

“It was a horrific experience, and something that will stick with me forever.

“I’ve already sought legal representation and am preparing to sue the hotel chain – they need to be held accountable.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary confirmed that a call had been made regarding the incident, but the caller was told that the incident was not a police matter and must be dealt with by the hotel.



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