The Most Expensive Coffin In The World Costs N78 Million

Class is permanent even in death. You may wonder why someone should bother about how he or she is buried,  afterall you won’t know what’s happening. But from all indications matters of class do not respect death. In fact, some maniacs believe that life is more blissful in death so while they’re alive they make arrangements for unbelievably expensive caskets to celebrate their death day. That is why a coffin can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and people still buy them to bury their dead while some others buy it while alive to ensure they will have a classy route to eternity.

The Malaysian 14-Karat Gold Coffin is the most expensive coffin in the world. It costs $217,000 (about N78 million).

It is made entirely of 14-karat gold, not like other expensive coffins that have some parts made of gold while other parts are not.

The interior decoration and quality of bedding gives an unbelievable comfort to the body creating the most amazing atmosphere for the soul to be glad even in death.

The exquisite coffin simply called “Malaysian 14-karat gold coffin” has also been featured at a coffin exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Apart from expensive space in Forest Lawn Memorial Park where one burial space in the ground can cost up to $825,000, the Malaysian 14-karat gold is the most expensive stand-alone or physical casket.

It is one coffin some celebrities choose as their final resting place.

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