Obese reality star Casey King loses 600 pounds in life-changing transformation

A reality star who once weighed a whopping 845 pounds has dropped almost two-thirds of his body weight after spending the past four years on an intense exercise and diet plan.

Casey King, 38, underwent bariatric surgery back in 2019, with the procedure helping him to eventually shed 600 pounds.

The Georgia native appeared on the TLC reality series “Family By the Ton” that same year, where he was filmed naked because all clothes were too tight and restrictive.

“I will just eat till I’m dead,” King stated on the show, “A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I am going to eat immediately, [and then] TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity.”

In the series, King claimed he was always a “big kid,” weighing 300 pounds by the time he finished high school.

After graduation, he began working in restaurants and started eating even more. Several years later, he quit work and moved in with his dad, where his weight ballooned to an astonishing 845 pounds.

The whopping weight gain made it hard for him to undertake everyday activities — including bathing. King was forced to get clean in an outdoor trough on his father’s back deck because he was unable to fit into a regular-size shower or bath.

“Because I am a bigger guy with, like, folds and flaps, I have to move around, almost like a pig in a way, and wallow and roll over to get the back of my leg. I have to lift up literal pieces of skin. It’s just a super difficult process,” King claimed.

He also admitted that he had to have his father help him wipe his bottom because he was unable to reach around to that area.


“I need his help a little bit to clean myself, you know, wiping just my a— because I can’t reach everything on my back, and I can’t reach everything below me,” he candidly confessed on the reality show.

During the series, he first met with surgeon Dr. Charles Procter Jr., but learned he needed to lose weight on his own before undergoing bariatric surgery.

King’s mom helped him start the weight loss process, putting him on a healthier diet and making him move his enormous body.

King eventually went under a vertical sleeve gastrectomy to reduce the side of his stomach, which made him eat less.

The surgery saw him drop from 700 pounds to 631 pounds, and he had continued to stick to his weight-loss regime over the past four years.

In November 2021, on his 37th birthday, King posted that he was down to 255 pounds.

“I’m the healthiest I’ve been since #highschool I’m the happiest I’ve been since #forever and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more or #loved myself more,” he wrote in the caption. “5 pounds away from a weight I never really considered imaginable, I never saw even possible.”

Now, King is down to 250 pounds and wants to lose 25 more. He also wants to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin hanging from his stomach, chest and arms, with a friend starting a GoFundMe to raise money for the procedure.

The fundraiser had a goal of $15,000 and has currently raised almost $19,000.

(Daily Mail)

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