Shocking Video: Man Plays With A Box Full Of Baby Anacondas

The internet is shocked by video of a zookeeper playing with a box filled with anaconda snakes which are among the deadliest of reptiles in the world.

Zookeeper Jay Brewer recently posted a video of him playing with a batch of young anaconda snakelets. The baby anacondas continuously snip at him every time he picks them up but the man remained unfazed.

Zookeeper Jay Brewer enjoys a massive following of 6.5 million and 4.5 million on YouTube. The video was posted on Sunday and so far it has collected 1.9 million views on Instagram.

Along with the video, the caption reads, “Wow we are talking wild little baby anacondas You need to realize it’s a jungle out there when your a newborn baby snake and all the animals are looking at you like spaghetti lol So they need to born with a protective instinct but luckily they relax when they realize that they are not in the food chain any more They are beautiful and in a short time they will settle in and relax but until then wow they are a hand full. They originated in South America and these are yellow anaconda’s and don’t get giant like the infamous green anaconda that can get well over 25 feet These yellows get about 10 to 12 feet and can have up to 60 babies pretty feisty little noodles”.

The internet was shocked after watching the video. A user asked, “What happens if some are set free in public lakes or something.”

Watch video;

Another user wrote, “I love your vids. You have the same love and energy as our late Crocodile Hunter, and I think you should definitely have your own show. You’d provide a fun way to teach and educate kids and adults on all these animals. I normally have a fear of snakes but I look forward to your vids and realize maybe they aren’t as bad as I thought. You do great work. Love your vids.”

The third user commented, “To think they’ll all grow to be extremely huge is terrifying”

Mr Brewer, the founder of The Reptile Zoo often shares exciting and interesting videos of animals as well as reptiles on his Instagram page. From carrying a huge alligator on his shoulder, and feeding iguanas to interacting with snakes, his page is filled with such content.

Earlier, he shared a video which shows Mr Brewer standing next to a snake guarding her eggs. The minute he tries to collect the eggs, the snake attacks him in the face.



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