Uber driver caught on Camera attempting to r*pe young drunk female passenger (video)

A new disturbing video shared online purportedly shows what appeared to be a male Uber driver trying to rape a young drunk female passenger, but his efforts were thwarted by a concerned man who stepped in and started filming him.

In the horrifying footage, a man is seen approaching a vehicle during nighttime in a neighborhood  while recording himself saying, “Yo, what are you doing?.” As he moves the phone camera closer,  the male driver is seen in the backseat of the vehicle with his pants down, next to an unresponsive woman.

After being asked the question on camera, the driver pulled up his pants and exited the vehicle.

While asking the man what he was doing in front of his house, the concerned individual panned his camera to show the scene, including a large “Uber” sticker plastered on the driver-side door.

As the driver made his way back into the vehicle, the good samaritan put him on blast over the disgusting act he was about to commit.

“Month of Ramadan and you’re doing stuff like this?” he asked. “I said, ‘Sorry,’” the driver replied. “What the f**k are you doing? Listen, listen, this is disgusting me,” the resident said as the driver started up the vehicle

The Uber operator drove off, but the other male was able to get footage of his license plate.

It is unclear where the incident took place. But Uber Support on Twitter confirmed that the driver has been banned and the case has been reported to the Police.

“This video is horrifying, and we are taking action. We’ve banned the driver and are in contact with the police and will assist them with any investigation.”

Watch the video below.


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