Video Of Shocking Moments Leopard Entered Doorless House Of Farmer, Has Close Shave With His Son

If you’ve not seen this video you can’t miss this opportunity.

This is the shocking video showing a leopard that strayed into the house if a farmer in India.

The incidents happened in area in Gajikhedi village of Sehore district on Wednesday.
The leopard entered an abandoned doorless house of a farmer.
The farmer’s son had a close shave after he went to that house for some work.
Experts from forest department tried to tranquilise the animal, but this plan did not work out.
Scores of villagers gathered near the house to see the leopard on hearing what happened.
Forest Department officials say that they would tranquilise the animal and put it in a cage. Leopard however managed to escape.

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Via Times of India





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