Viral Video: “Pan-Slapping Contest” Between Two Men Stuns the Internet

A video of a bizarre competition called “Pan-slapping contest” currently going viral on the internet could be one of the weirdest sports events in history.

The short clip shared by former NBA player Rex Chapman shows two men taking turns to hit each other on the head as a small crowd watches them.

The video shows the two participants wearing metal knight helmets that protect their heads against any serious injury. Both of them continue hitting each other until one of them animatedly falls to the ground and the winner raises his hands in a victory dance.

After was shared it took the internet by storm and has garnered more than two million views and thousands of likes ad comments.

Reacting to the clip, one user jokingly wrote, “Mock not the traditions of my people.” “The hearing aid industry approves these shenanigans,” read another sarcastic comment. “I would hope, when extraterrestrial civilisations finally do reach earth; this is the first human activity they witness…” said third.


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