Animal Center In China Accused Of Abusing Dogs After Shocking Video Goes Viral

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An animal center in China is currently defending itself as it was accused of abusing dogs after shocking video shows some dogs in the center living in terrible conditions.

Animal rights activists are accusing the East China shelter of abuse after they uploaded video showing a number of dogs living in appalling conditions.

In the footage taken at the shelter in Taizhou, Shandong Province, severely malnourished and mangy dogs are seen huddling in a caged area.

Some are seen eating their own excrement and are infested with parasites. In one clip, chickens from a neighboring yard peck at a dog’s corpse.

The activists claim the animals suffered brutal treatment at the center and accused the center of embezzling donations.

In a swift reaction, employees of the animal center hit back on Sina Weibo, accusing the activists of a smear campaign.

A man surnamed Zhang, who is in charge of the center, said it was normal for dogs to get infested with ticks in the summer. “But we remedy the issue whenever we find it,” Zhang said.

He also accused the activists of staging the videos, saying they purposefully dug up a dead dog for dramatic effect.

The activists refuted the accusation. “All we have said is the truth, including the videos we shot this time. I am liable for any false content,” a volunteer told media.

Zhang said that the center makes records of their funding public, and will ask local authorities to conduct an audit.

Volunteers said they hope to be included in the process as they do not trust the center.

Via Global Times

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