Girl Sees Hookup’s Mum Wearing Her Dress She Forgot In His Room

How would you feel as a lady if you find out that your fling’s mum is wearing the dress you forgot in his house after spending a night with him? This is what a lady encountered after going through the facebook page of his fling’s mum.

Lillie Haines, 21, had a stray fling with a boy, Sam. After a night of s3x she left her gown in the Sam’s room and went him in his joggers and dressing gown. After a while she went through the boy’s mum’s facebook page and found pictures of her posing in the dress.

Caroline Eastwood, seen wearing that dress, called Lillie a ‘silly little b**ch’ (Picture: Facebook)

The carer was shocked to see Caroline Eastwood, the boy’s mum, had posted pictures of herself posing in the size 12 H&M black dress – which Lillie left in Sam’s bedroom, report’s Metro UK.
Lillie posted her discovery on Facebook, with the caption: ‘Shagged someone and left my dress round theirs, now their mums started wearing it on nights out, confused.’
Caroline soon caught wind and replied: ‘Oops that was me!! Jealousy is an ugly trait! Get over it girls I am impressed I can wear a 19/20 yr old dress and look so much better in it!! ‘Imagine admitting on Facebook that you’re a slag and just leave your clothes round a bloke’s house. Don’t worry sweetheart, I put it on a hot wash first. ‘lol If I had known it was hers I would have 100% chucked it!!!’ Lillie replied: ‘How’s that jealousy. Imagine wearing something your son shagged in tho.’ And when she said she didn’t want the dress back, Caroline told her: ‘Well stop going on about it then you silly little b**ch.’
Lillie, from Hampshire, said she found it all ‘hilarious’ and ‘just can’t get her head round it’. She added: ‘It’s ridiculous her calling me a slag. She’s wearing the dress of a girl her son has slept with. ‘It’s like a boy coming round mine and me giving my dad his clothes. ‘She was saying sarcastically that she’d put it in the wash and give it back but I really don’t want that back. She has stretched it I think. ‘She’ll probably keep it even after all of this. It wouldn’t surprise me if she puts up a photo over the weekend or whenever she next wears it.’

Caroline attempted to justify her wearing the dress and said she assumed it was a friend’s after finding it in her washing basket.
She said: ‘Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty. This was a year and a half ago, I genuinely thought it was my friends dress that she had left here and EVERYONE has moved on. THE END!!” But Lillie’s pal Paige Emery retorted: ‘That was a beautiful bedtime story. Needs more dragons tho.’
So what did Lillie go home in after her and Sam’s night of passion? She said she wore his joggers and dressing gown – and still has them to this day.

Source: Metro UK

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