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Saxon is a prolific writer with passion for the unusual. I believe the bizarre world is always exciting so keeping you up to date with such stories is my pleasure

Virginia mom charged with murder after 4-year-old son eats ‘large amount’ of THC gummies, police say

A woman in Virginia is currently facing murder charges in connection with the death of her 4-year-old son, police say. Dorothy Annette Clements, 30, was indicted Monday by a Spotsylvania County Grand Jury for the death of her son. Clements’ son died on May 8, 2022, after suffering a medical …

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“I died in fire and now I’m reincarnated as a boy” 5-year-old boy reveals his past life as a Black woman who died 30 years ago

A 5-year-old boy claims that he was an African American woman killed in a fire almost 30 years ago, and his revelations match the story of a woman who died in a hotel fire. Little Luke Ruehlman, 5, spooked his parents at age 2 when he began incessantly insisting that he used …

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Ukrainian sniper gets married on the frontline to her soldier husband while wielding machine gun (photos)

A Ukranian sniper dubbed Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ has married her military husband on the front lines while wielding a deadly machine gun. The famous sniper, Evgenia Emerald, 31, shared her “perfect wedding” with her social media followers, adding that “a new patriotic family was born”. Her wedding fell on …

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Horror film ‘Terrifier 2’ is making viewers to puke, faint in theater due to graphic violence (Video)

A low-budget sequel film in the “Terrifier” film series is causing visceral reactions from moviegoers – with many viewers sharing they puked or passed out due to the goriness of the movie Terrifier 2,” a horror film written and directed by Damien Leone, follows a resurrected Art the Clown that …

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Decomposed body of missing South African woman found hidden in ceiling of her boyfriend’s home

The badly decomposed body of a woman found stuffed in the ceiling of a house in Mpumalanga, South Africa has been identified as that of a 34-year-old woman, Nosipho Caroline Mthombeni. The house belongs to her boyfriend, Thabo Silas Tsotetsi, who has been declared wanted by the Mpumalanga police. The …

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