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Neurosurgeon probing patient’s mystery symptoms plucks worm from woman’s brain in Australia

A neurosurgeon investigating a woman’s mystery symptoms in an Australian hospital says she plucked a wriggling worm from the patient’s brain. Surgeon Hari Priya Bandi was performing a biopsy through a hole in the 64-year-old patient’s skull at Canberra Hospital last year when she used forceps to pull out the …

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Somali government apologises after untrained sprinter gets worst time ever at international 100m race (Video)

The government of Somalia has apologised after sending an untrained sprinter to compete in a world games. Obviously, the untrained sprinter didn’t do very well, taking over 20 seconds to complete the 100 metre dash. The whole saga has been described as ‘embarrassing’ and some have even called for the …

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Russian protester fined £250 for putting Putin’s death would be ‘better than sex’ on bag

A Russian protester has been punished for declaring Vladimir Putin’s death would be “better than sex”. Alexandra, 21, was fined 30,000 rubles (£250) for sporting a bag emblazoned with the words “Sex is cool, but Putin’s death better”. It’s not the first time she’s run into trouble with the law …

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