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”Christians have recognized since ancient times that God is neither male nor female” – Church of England considers gender-neutral terms to refer to God

The Church of England has announced it will look into the use of gender neutral terms to refer to God in prayers. According to the Church, the issue reflects growing global awareness about the assumed usage of pronouns causing offence or upset to those who do not identify with the …

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Drug dealer promises to donate one month’s profit to Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

A drug dealer has been hailed a “philanthropist” and dubbed “Pill Gates” after promising to donate all his profits from this month to a charity helping the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake. Twitter account @shottatexts – which shares screenshots of texts from dealers that people submit – posted a WhatsApp …

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School principal and gym teacher fired after allegedly having sex romps on campus

An elementary school principal and a gym teacher from Georgia, USA who engaged in a years-long affair have both been fired after allegedly having sex on school grounds. Some of the sexcapades between Banks County Elementary School Principal Dana Simmons, who is married, and physical education teacher Dylan Charles were …

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“I’m no longer interested in continuing this heavenly investment” Man asks church to give back tithe he’s paid over the years so he can survive on earth (video)

A frustrated Nigerian man has called on his church to return the money he was made to pay in the name of investing in the Kingdom of heaven. The man explained in a video that, for years, his pastor used the Bible verse Matthew chapter 6 VS 19 – 21 …

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Camel ‘bites off its owner’s head’ in India before the animal is beaten to death by angry villagers

A camel was beaten to death by angry villagers after it reportedly decapitated its owner in India. Sohanram Nayak tried to recapture the enraged animal after it broke free from its rope constraints, trying to chase down another camel in Panchu village, Bikaner, in Rajasthan state  on Monday night. The …

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