Bearded Dragon Arrives With Head Stuck In Toy (Viral video)

A lot of social media users find this video adorable though the bearded dragon sure did not find the unfortunate situation funny.

A video is going viral on social media where a bearded pet dragon accidently stuck his head in a SpongeBob SquarePants toy.

New England Animal Medical Centre has shared a post on Facebook on Wednesday which shows the creature hold in a box by a veterinarian.

“This is the cutest emergency we’ve ever had!! Randy, the bearded dragon, tried to visit SpongeBob Square Pants yesterday and ended up in the ER. We’re not laughing at you Randy; we are laughing with you. The pineapple didn’t make it, but Randy is back home happily laying in the sun,” the animal centre said in the caption.

The post has received over 3,200 likes on Facebook since it has been posted and numerous comments from the users.

I have a bearded dragon names Tonka. They have such unique personalities. They get into trouble from curiosity good thing he is not a cat. Glad randy the dragon is ok,” said a user.

“That is the most beautiful design on this creature I’ve ever seen,” a second user commented.


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