Top 10 News Presenters That Farted Loudly On Live TV, Including Fox News and BBC Staff (Video)

Farting might not be a bad idea at least to give your health some free period. But when it is done in an embarrassing manner, especially in public, the person involved will definitely not like what has happened.

Television presenters and personalities are human. They fart like every other human being. So when you see them on air looking elegant it doesn’t remove the fact that they can make mistakes too. Oftentimes, farting loudly in public is an unintentional act but when it is done on a live television programme it might be seen as hilariously inexcusable. Some television presenters have farted loudly while presenting programmes. In some other cases it was their guests that released the massive fart. But in a number of such cases, no one owns up to the loud fart. Whatever the case may be it is just a hilarious moment to behold. Here’s a collection of top 10 most hilarious loud farts on a live programme either released by the presenter, the guest or no one actually owned up to the fart.

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